Friday, August 17, 2012

CARS themed pop box invitation for 7th birthday

Here's another CARS themed order!
I am therefore confirming that Pixar CARS is by far the most famous party theme for boys.

This order was placed just a week before the event (which is this coming Tuesday). Talk about RUSH! Working under time pressure can be quite stressful.

I hate turning down clients and so despite having a busy week with another birthday package order and designs pending for Poparazzi Photobooth, I had to work twice as fast and do overtime to meet this project's deadline.

It's a pop box style invitation, with yellow and black as main color theme. I have done one with a CARS theme as well prior to this, in red and black.

After 3 days, here they are.  Sent to Batangas yesterday and received this afternoon.

Despite having made the deadline, I highly suggest to book for slots as early as you can, yes, even if the event is 6 months ahead! :)  Have mercy on me, please? haha.

"Ang cute cute nga po, many nagsabi na napakaganda.."
-Rachelle Ann Robles 

Pop box style invitation
- Shipped flat to save space
- Top cover requires minimal assembly
The box can be shipped fully assembled upon client's advice. 
This will require a bigger box to ship.

*Minimum order of 30 pcs.
Swatches N Hues is based in Quezon City, Philippines
Ships domestically via Philfox Courier and internationally via DHL or Philpost

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