Invitation Styles

Handmade Invitations, unlike digitally printed and bulk produced invitations may come in an array of design and style.
The possibilities are practically endless, and creativity may be your only limitation.

Handmade also means there is a lot more to love!

It is visually stimulating because you can actually feel different textures of card stocks, layer them together, play around with different medias and even put them together to create a unique piece.

The best thing is that you can embellish to your heart's content!
Add bling or a dash of glitter, tie a ribbon or a bow.  Create beautiful page borders with a craft punch, even the card folds can be made in so many creative ways!

Again, the possibilities are never ending.

Pop Box
A 3-dimensional invitation, the box pops open to reveal the event details once the top cover is removed. 

Tri-fold Swing
An interactive invitation, the middle flap swings back and forth to reveal the event details when the opened.

Double Slider
This is an interactive invitation style, the top and bottom panels slide out simultaneously when one panel is pulled out.

Side Step
This is a free standing invitation, it has a 3-dimensional look with elements in a foreground to background arrangement giving it extra depth.

Flat/semi free standing invitation, a panel can be put in a display.

Lollipop style invitation, comes on a stick.

A portion of this invitation swivels away to reveal the event details.

Flat invitation cut to the shape of your desired image/design.
The event details may be part of the front design or printed at the back.
Comes with an envelope.

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