Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Madagascar themed double slider invitation for twin boys

I am so happy!

I just got my first international Non-Filipino client order!!!

I have had international orders but all of them were Filipinos living/working abroad.

I have also gotten inquiries before from Non-Filipinos but none of them pushed through.  The biggest factor could have been the shipping charge from the Philippines to their location.

And so, when I got an email from Amy B., I wasn't that enthusiastic thinking that it would just be another inquiry that eventually will not push through.

I wasn't able to reply to her email right away.  After a day or two, I got another email from another person, Lauren C. inquiring about the same invitation style. And it turns out that they were sisters!  I was able to reply to her right away and sent Amy the same email.

After couple of days, they got back to me asking about the payment details and I was ecstatic thinking that this is it!  This one is actually pushing through!  And so it did. :)

As I blog about this today, the invitation package has already arrived in Tennessee.  Amy already emailed me yesterday and I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity. :)

" Jen, you have outdone yourself!
The Madagascar invitations that you made for the boys are simply amazing.
I cannot thank you enough!!  It was a pleasure to work with you!! 
Thanks again."
-Amy Bennett, Tennessee USA

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