Friday, May 18, 2012

Madagascar themed birthday invitation

This invitation I am quite proud of, as I have spent almost one week's time producing all 90 pcs. of it. (That's production time alone, excluding the hours I spent on the layout/s)

Thanks to my dad who helped me prepare the slider enclosure which is sandwiched inside - this makes the whole double slider thing work. He spent roughly 3 days measuring, trimming and scoring to make assembly easier on my end.  Without his help it would have took me more than 2 weeks to finish everything! (Papa you're a life saver!)

Sheryl texted me one late evening inquiring for prices of certain invitation samples I have posted on Facebook.
She told me she wanted something 3D or pop up for her son's Madagascar themed invitation.  With that in mind, I came up with a design proposal for her which she liked and approved right away.  I was just waiting for her to email me a new photo of her son in replacement of the current one that we initially used for the draft and we're all set.

Then again, after a couple of days she texted me that she'll be sending over a sample invitation that she got from a friend.  She wanted to revise the style to something like that one, it's a pull out style invite.

To keep the long story short, I came up with a totally new design for her, as per her request for it to have a crate box image where the animals would be "popping out". I incorporated a double slider mechanism to it and this is the final output.

Front panels

Back panels

Front crate design 

Back crate design

Pull tab

90 pcs. done!

I am very happy how these turned out!
And nothing warms the heart more than wonderful words like these.
Thanks Sheryl!

"Just got home and saw the invites, soooo nice! 
Exceeded expectations :) They are perfect!"
-Sheryl Que

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