Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Candyland themed lolly+swivel invitation

Shortly after I completed my first non-Filipino client order from Tennessee, I received an email from my second non-Filipino client from San Francisco!  (I promise to stop counting from here on...) LOL

Theme was Candyland and she liked the lolly style invitation I have previously made but she also wanted the swivel function, hence the lolly + swivel fusion. :)

"Hello Jen, work looks great!..."
"... Everything came out really nice. Thank you again"
- Alicia McGee, San Francisco USA

Lolly + swivel style invitation
- Packaged in clear resealable plastic

*Minimum order of 30 pcs.
Swatches N Hues is based in Quezon City, Philippines
Ships domestically via Philfox Courier and internationally via DHL or Philpost

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