Saturday, October 13, 2012

Personalized magnetic photos as party favor

I have been busy yet unproductive. :(
Our almost 4-month old puppies have been getting sick one by one which started Tuesday.  Brought 2 of them to the vet for fever shots.
One of them is still feverish, and the other still doesn't have the appetite.
I'm just praying that they get better real soon, my poor babies. :(
I have been so distracted I couldn't accomplish anything.
Anyhow, we are attending a family friends' party tomorrow lunch, my mom asked me if I could squeeze in something that she can gift to the birthday family which they can use as added favors for the guests.

Ann emailed me lots of cute photos of Colin for the photobooth layout design.
I wanted to make the most out of the studio photos so I decided to make 6 variations of photo magnets that they can give away as thank you favors.

Comes in a personalized packaging, ready to give away! :)

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