Thursday, May 24, 2012

CARS themed tumblers

Bad design is like bad haircut, it will make you cry.

Mae messaged me on Facebook to inquire for the Starbucks type tumblers, she was also interested with the CARS themed invitations but has already paid down payment with another supplier.  It was packaged along with the photo shoot service they availed from a certain photo studio.

When she emailed me the layout design from which I am to get the photo to be used for the tumbler layout, I was actually shaking my head in disappointment.  The photo was cropped weirdly when they could have taken advantage of the raw studio photos. I couldn't believe they even charged her 600 for design fee.

I'm not saying I am better than anyone else, cause I am definitely not :)
I won't be posting the layout, but I believe they could have done a better job than that.

I advised Mae that I will be redoing the entire layout for the tumbler and will not be using the image as it is.  She then told me that she almost cried when she saw that design. Tsk. Tsk.

I feel for her, cause I for one would cry if I paid for something and got a really dissatisfying end product.

Anyhow, I redid everything and here is the final output.


I color coded the top cover of the box so they won't have to open up everything one-by-one when choosing from the 4 colors for distribution.

50pcs. delivered and received today.

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